Team SoloMid

Los Angeles

The facility is the largest esports training center in North America and features studios, streaming rooms, gaming rooms, coach rooms as well as a fitness studio and wellness center, making it the first esports training center to include both.

5340 Alla Road, Los Angeles, CA
25,000 SF
NxT Studios
MEPS Engineer
RTM Engineering

From Our Collaborators

We will provide our players and fans alike with an experience like none they have ever seen, featuring world-class technology that will be integrated even into the scrim room, content studio, streaming setups, and even the chairs. This will be unlike any other team’s facility—purposefully built in Los Angeles, which is the world capital of esports

Andy “Reginald” Dinh
TSM Founder and CEO

Walking into this building will give partners and athletes alike the feeling that they are looking at and experiencing first-hand the future of gaming and esports.

Brad Sive
TSM Chief Revenue Officer