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JT Magen is a major leader in the construction industry, consistently ranking amongst The Top 50 U.S. General Contractors and in The Top 20 Best Places to Work in NYC.

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Pre-Construction Services

Pre-construction services encompass the crucial planning and preparation stages before the physical construction work begins. These services typically involve tasks such as project feasibility assessment, budgeting, design coordination, permitting, and scheduling, ensuring that a construction project is well-conceived and ready to move forward efficiently and cost-effectively.

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Construction Services

Construction services are the hands-on, on-site activities that bring a project from concept to completion. This phase includes activities such as site preparation and mobilization, framing, utilities and MEP’s installation, and interior finishes, all aimed at transforming design concepts into tangible structures.

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Close-Out Services

Closeout services are essential for providing a smooth transition from construction to the client's occupancy and long-term use of the space. This includes tasks such as quality inspections, punch lists to address any remaining issues, documentation of warranties and as-built drawings, and the turnover of keys and manuals to the client.

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