I was extremely impressed with the way the JT Magen team supported our efforts in constructing the first ever Wayfair retail store.  The team was thoughtful, flexible, and driving.  Having a partner to execute with makes all the difference when you come up against the inevitable bumps in the road during large scale construction projects.  I look forward to the next time I get the chance to work with the JTM team.

Ben Lehrer Associate Director, Wayfair

JTM has been a one-of-a-kin partner for TikTok over the recent years. They have been instrumental in our ability to design and build top quality office space in the NYC area as well as neighboring cities. Their flexibility, determination, stability, and clout is unmatched. TikTok continues to enjoy the association with JTM and looks forward to working closely together in the future on new projects.

Carlos Krinsky Global Real Estate, ByteDance

Over the last 20 years, our firms have collectively completed over 2,000,000,000 square feet for the leading Fortune 500 companies in NYC. We have found J.T. Magen’s performance and professionalism on the highest level, as well as their ability to truly partner with an architectural firm and, in concert, find optimal solutions in challenging situations. Their understanding not only of the construction, but also of the design industry, creates a seamless partnership, and leads to great results and very satisfied repeat clients.

Julia Belkin Owner and President, SDGi

JT Magen earned our trust and respect. They were the ideal partners. Honest. Straight-forward. Great problem-solvers we could rely on. They were clear on what they needed from us, clear on what we should expect from them.

Steven Rubenstein President, Rubenstein

Procore is proud to provide the platform that J.T. Magen and their partners trust to manage their most complicated projects, like One Manhattan West. Success on a project of this scale is only possible if every partner on the project is in lockstep from day one. Collaborating with great industry partners enables these kinds of visionary projects. It’s more than a development – J.T. Magen is bringing life to an area of NYC that was previously unlivable.

Tooey Courtemanche CEO, Procore

When you’re working with JT Magen, everyone is on the same team and is treated equally with an emphasis on getting the job done right. They don’t try to cut corners to save money; they have an old-school mentality on working through issues that come up. In this industry, six figures can disappear in the blink of an eye when mistakes are made or infighting happens over change orders, impacting schedule and budget. JT Magen treats the clients’ money like it’s their money.

Bob Muir Sales Engineer for Caterpillar Dealer H.O. Penn

Working with JT Magen & Company was a seamless and collaborative experience. Throughout the entire construction process, they were actively involved in communication and coordination of all team members. A true partner.

Joe Deguara Master Rigger, Managing Partner, Brothers Rigging Inc.