IPG Mediabrands UM

New York

The award-winning project was our second with Ted Moudis Architects and the IPG Mediabrands client. The space showcases a sophisticated design with bold colors, custom ceilings and lighting, and a unique speakeasy.  Enhancing functionality, the space includes a generously sized pantry area with custom millwork, providing both practicality and aesthetic appeal.

100 West 33rd Street, New York, NY
95,000 sq. ft.
Ted Moudis Associates
MEPS Engineer
Goldman Copeland

LEED Award

From Our Collaborators

Our goal for redesigning the UM global headquarters was to transform a 20th century workplace into a productive 21st century one where employees and clients alike would want to be.

Brian Foreman
IPG Mediabrands, Director of Real Estate

By strategically retaining existing areas and rebuilding others, the design team was able to completely transform the existing space into one that better serves the operational needs of UM.

Jeff Knoll, Ted Moudis
Design Director

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