iHeart Media

New York

This Award-Winning 75,000 sf project redefines innovative and contemporary work environments. The office fit-out features a fully operational studio and custom pods that provide privacy for employees. A state-of-the-art presentation room is equipped with screens and laser beam controls. Additionally, a large atrium seating area doubles as a multifunctional meeting space, hosting everything from staff meetings to musical performances.

125 West 55th Street, New York, NY
75,000 sq. ft.
A+I Designer: Michael Beneville
MEPS Engineer
AMA Consulting Engineers Structural Engineer: Thornton Tomasetti

Industry Honors

  • Best Large Media/Tech Office
    (Best of the Year Awards 2015 Interior Design)
  • Best Technology Solutions
    (MakeItWork Awards 2015 Interior Design)

From Our Collaborators

I want visitors to walk through the door and say, ‘Who the #*!% are these people?’ and I want them to get it in less than 5 seconds.

Bob Pittman
iHeartMedia Chairman and CEO, in a statement from A+I architects

Their marching orders were to strip everything, then leave it essentially raw. Standing out against the roughness, almost in defiance, are tidy, self-contained architectural interventions.

Interior Design

Our headquarters buildout was a 75,000-square-foot gut renovation, from studs to completion, including several specialty features like broadcast studios, a 20-foot digital billboard and a suspended articulating robot. J.T. Magen’s strength lies in its skilled professionals and trade relationships. On more than one occasion, the site superintendent and subs made critical decisions in partnership with our design advisers and architectural team, and the aesthetic integrity of the design vision remained uncompromised, even through unique challenges.

Molly Winkler
Vice President of Real Estate Operations, iHeartMedia Inc.

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