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Complete with an interconnecting staircase between the two floors, and an open floor plan with glass fronted private offices, this fit-out allows partners to overlook the bustling trading floor, reinforcing the space’s open atmosphere. The reception area is a focal point, showcasing large-format stone, high-end custom millwork, and abundant natural light. Engineered to support employee well-being, the space has a fitness center, encouraging a healthy work-life balance. Additionally, large windows offer breathtaking views of the iconic Chicago City skyline, further enhancing the appeal of this innovative workspace.

444 West Lake Street, Chicago, IL
44,000 sq. ft.
Valerio Dewalt Train Associates
MEPS Engineer
WMA Consulting Engineers

From Our Collaborators

BAM’s new Chicago office…expands on BAM’s commitment to promote better connectivity between groups and personnel that had traditionally been separated by walls and private offices. The team stayed consistent with a clean modern aesthetic, while using a new set of finishes and materials that better suited the light and glassy feel of the building.

Valerio Dewalt Train Associates

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