Los Angeles

Our California team constructed this open workspace and social hub, creating an environment that fosters collaboration, creativity and connection.

63-69 Market + 73 Market, Venice Beach, CA
23,000 sq. ft.
Loescher Meachem Architects
MEPS Engineer
AMA Consulting Engineers

From Our Collaborators

Being involved in such a high-end interior construction project was an excellent opportunity to showcase our construction expertise and creativity while ensuring that every detail was executed to the highest standard. High-end projects like this demand attention to detail, patience, and flexibility as the plans evolve throughout the construction process. On this project, we structurally combined three buildings together that all had different structural materials, floor heights, roof heights and mezzanines..

J.T. Magen
Roma Publications

…the design primarily features open and free-form spaces, allowing seamless adaptation to various programs. From sun-drenched lounges that foster social engagement to shared workspaces, meeting rooms, podcast and broadcast studios, a wellness pod, and even a surfboard quiver and shower room, every element encourages both productivity and enjoyment of the beachside location.