World Economic Forum

New York

The project received a LEED Platinum certification, which is the highest level of sustainability awarded by the U.S. Green Buildings Council.

350 Madison Avenue, New York, NY
39,000 SF
Montroy Anderson DeMarco
MEPS Engineer
CFS Engineering

Industry Honors

From Our Collaborators

The overall look and feel for the entire space is light, warm, and contemporary, with an understated European aesthetic that is a nod to the visual language of the Geneva headquarters.

Mariana Panova
MADGI Designer

The team ensured that over 80% of all demolition and construction waste was recycled, diverting it from landfills. Regarding new materials, more than 30% of it was made of recycled content, including construction materials, finishes and furnishings, and furniture.

We made an extra effort to coordinate the ceilings with the existing HVAC system and related ductwork. The entire construction team worked closely with the mechanical trades, to coordinate access to the system and, of course, to avoid any kind of conflict.

Gary McAllister
Lead Superintendent at J.T. Magen