New York

Swarovski’s NYC office is both a workplace on the upper level and showroom on the lower level. It was envisioned to be collaborative, functional and innovative innovative, while reflecting Swarovski’s unique brand.

10 East 53rd Street, New York, NY
18,000 SF
Perkins + Will
MEPS Engineer

Industry Honors

  • NYCxDesign Honoree Finalist
    NYCxDesign Awards 2017
  • Best of Year Award Finalist
    Interior Design Magazine, 2017
  • Design Award
    National Society of American Registered Architects, 2017

From Our Collaborators

Nadja said she was looking for a ‘hospitality’ atmosphere,” Blumenfeld explains. “People should feel like they’re entering a really beautiful kind of hotel or house.” Carved into the marble wall behind the reception desk, the Swarovski name sets a certain tone. “It relays luxury in an understated way for a company that is not a Johnny-come-lately,” Blumenfeld says. The font is classic capital letters with serif flourishes.

Joan Blumenfeld
Perkins + Will

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