Ruben Companies

New York

This superb tower rises fifty stories into the New York skyline, offering unobstructed views to the north and south as well as magnificent East River views, and is situated at the crossroads of the business and diplomatic worlds.

One Dag Hammarskjöld Plaza, 885 Second Avenue, New York, NY
815,000 SF
MEPS Engineer
Goldman Copeland Associates

From Our Collaborators

A beautiful, dramatic, memorable place for people to come to work, and visitors to visit. We’re recreating a landmark asset that will be in our family for decades more.

Richard Ruben
CEO of Ruben Companies

At each entry, a bronze, solid-panel wall defines the edges and it then slowly dematerializes toward the center of the lobby. As the wall opens up, it translates into a series of individually twisted fins, resulting in a dramatic, rhythmic experience and a visual moire effect.


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