Publicis Groupe (Le Truc)

New York

Le Truc, which translates from French as “the thingamajig, the knack, the way” is designed to fuel the organization’s creativity. Known as the ‘Clubhouse for Creativity’, this innovative environment redefines the dynamics of creative work, offering diverse spaces—bright bullpens, auditoriums, libraries, colorful nooks, and flexible lounges—allowing individuals or groups to navigate environments that cater to their creative needs.

375 Hudson Street, New York, NY
40,000 sq. ft.
MEPS Engineer

Industry Honors

  • Winner in Small Creative Offices
    (Interior Design 2023 Best of the Year)

From Our Collaborators

The post-pandemic world and workplace will never be the same, and we must design for the future – which will be flexible, collaborative and ever-changing.

Carla Serrano
Global Chief Strategy Officer of Publicis Groupe and President of Le Truc

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