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Spanning 400,000 square feet, this project epitomizes the essence of the GE Capital brand. This space was created to emphasize their status as a premier global industry leader, aiming to curate an environment that not only attracts but also retains top-tier talent. The relocation of employees from external offices not only modernized the brand, but also harmonized the company’s culture, all within a campus setting. The fit-out encompassed infrastructure enhancements throughout the premises, alongside the addition of upgraded restrooms, employee pantries, and inviting amenity spaces.

601, 801, 901 Main Avenue, Norwalk, CT
210,250 sq. ft.
CPG Architects
MEPS Engineer
Collective Design Associates

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The Norwalk offices will serve as the base of mor than 1,000 employees. This will allow GE to reduce costs, while creating work environments that promote cross-team collaboration and shared resources and amenities.

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