FTI Consulting

New York

Spanning 120,000 SF, this global consulting firm consolidated multiple offices throughout NYC into one cohesive, 3-floor space. Designed to foster collaboration and productivity, the spacious open plan encourages seamless interaction among associates while maximizing the efficient use of space. Additionally, a generously sized café/pantry area serves as a hub for team collaboration and creativity. To promote transparency among teams, the space features an interconnecting stair and glass office fronts, creating an inviting atmosphere. Dedicated phone rooms and meeting booths are strategically placed throughout the space, ensuring a balanced environment that caters to various work needs.

1166 Avenue of the Americas, New York, NY
120,000 sq. ft.
Studios Architecture
MEPS Engineer
Robert Derector Associates

From Our Collaborators

We have completed a comprehensive renovation of the property, as we continue to expand services and amenities for our tenants.

Edward J. Minskoff
Real Estate Weekly