May 6, 2024

JT Magen Prioritizes Safety with Advanced Technologies and Innovation

JT Magen emphasizes safety as a top priority by adopting cutting-edge technologies and innovative practices to enhance jobsite safety. Lena Kenny, JT Magen’s in-house Safety Officer speaks of employing wearable devices, drones, AI-powered analytics, and Building Information Modeling (BIM) to monitor hazards and prevent incidents. By integrating these technologies with comprehensive training, robust safety culture, and collaborative planning, JT Magen aims to create safer work environments and improve overall project outcomes. This commitment underscores JT Magen’s leadership in advancing construction safety standards.

Improving Jobsite Safety Requires New Ideas & Tech 12 types of technology that can make jobsites safer Construction Safety, Innovation And Advancement Is Priority #1 As Leading National Construction Firm JT Magen Advances Latest Technology